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About Me

I like to study history, read maps, and explore places. I try to live my life accordingly.

I am currently researching histories of exploration with a focus on the 19th and 20th centuries, and working on my Russian language skills. I have studied at Rutgers University (BA in history and political science, 2007), The City College of New York (MA in history, 2012), and New Jersey Institute of Technology (coursework in land surveying technology). I have worked on public history projects and survey maps.

I have driven across the United States, explored Southwest deserts, climbed mountains of the Northeast, paddled waters off Nova Scotia, toured caves in Vietnam, and walked a few streets in Europe. Of course I want to do more adventures.

I consider myself an individualist and environmentalist. Not surprisingly I like Henry David Thoreau's writings a lot. I occasionally write on politics when I feel like I have something original to contribute in a timely manner.

This website hosts some of my works. I intend to produce more as time goes on. If you want to contact me, email

- Darian Nayfeld-Worden