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About Me

I like to study history, read maps, and explore places. I support individual liberty, social solidarity, and environmental responsibility. I try to live accordingly.

History is fascinating because it addresses the question of how things got to be the way they are, and because there are numerous approaches and avenues of research that refine our understanding of events.

Politically I am left-libertarian, looking to disperse political, economic, and social power as widely as possible among free individuals and consensual communities. The rise of authoritarian nationalism is a serious threat that the free people of the world must defeat, and I will take whatever role in this fight I believe is best.

My favorite adventures include a drive across America, wilderness camping in the Catskills, Mount Washington climbs, desert hikes, visits to caves and mines, and map and compass navigation.

My Russian language skills are improving and I hope to have the opportunity to learn more languages.

My current research focuses on:
- Exploration and nationalism in the 19th and 20th centuries.
- 20th century authoritarian movements and resistance.

Prior research includes:
- The Cold War and human rights politics.
- United States, 1770s to present.
- The Soviet Union, from creation to collapse.
- Modern Europe, particularly 20th century.
- Cartography and exploration history.
- Local history places and their relationship to wider historical events.

My mapping experience includes:
- Geographic Information Systems, including ArcGIS.
- Civil 3D map drafting.
- Boundary surveying, topographic surveying, and flood mapping.

This website hosts some of my works. I intend to produce more as time goes on. If you want to contact me, email

- Darian Nayfeld-Worden