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Darian Nayfeld-Worden

I like to study history, read maps, and explore places.

I enjoy discussing how the world got to this point, learning about the struggles of people in the past, and picking apart the threads of events and explanations.

My current historical research focuses on twentieth century Eastern Europe, the establishment of borders and states, and the resistance of people to power imposed upon their lives.

I have broader interests in modern Europe, the United States, Russia, environmental history, exploration, mapping, and social movements.

I am interested in maps as a means of communicating knowledge and power, as well as the aesthetic and functional qualities of map design.

My need to roam and my passion for getting to know places animates my life on the walking path, at the train window, and in the library stacks.

I support maximum individual autonomy and maximum dismantling of oppressive power structures, and I strive to live consistently with the values of liberty and solidarity.