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Diplomacy, Dissidents, and Democracy: The Cold War, Human Rights, and the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 1968-1989. My master's thesis, completed in 2012.

Remembering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. A brief article on the pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

We Must Defeat Fascism by Any Means Necessary. November 2017 article on the danger of fascism and the urgency of opposing it.

Bringing an Unfortunately Obscure Educational Movement to Life. My review of Paul Avrich's The Modern School Movement: Anarchism and Education in the United States, published September 2014.

Old-Time Libertarian Community: The Ferrer Colony of Stelton, New Jersey. Introducing a community centered around a radical schoolhouse. Published August 2013.

Wild and Free: The Libertarian Philosophy of Henry David Thoreau. Discusses Thoreau's ideas on freedom and the environment. Published March 2013.

Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and Progress: Partners or Adversaries? An essay that examines the rise of capitalism in England and the United States, and argues that free enterprise and progress in living standards were not always experienced under early capitalism. Written in 2011, published in Molinari Review in 2016.

Spanish Anarchism 1900-1936. A paper that analyzes the power of the anarchist movement in Spain based on classic secondary sources by Gerald Brenan, E.J. Hobsbawm, and Murray Bookchin, as well as a recent study by Pamela Radcliff. Written in 2010.